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    Taking care of senior citizens exactly like a relative or
    their own children would.

About Prime Health Support

Prime Health Support in Mumbai offers services related to Palliative care and emotional and physical wellbeing of senior citizens whose children or relatives do not live in Mumbai City.

Prime Health Support takes care of these seniors exactly like a relative or their own children would. We do not judge but will go the extra mile to make sure the senior citizen is not unwell for too long and is brought back in the Prime of Health as soon as possible.

Prime Health Support helps to bridge the gap between you and your elderly parents/relatives by taking on the role of an active attendant as In home senior caregivers and Senior citizen caretaker in Mumbai.

Prime Health Support co-ordinates between:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses, Ward Boys and Ayabai Bureaus
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacy
  • Relatives
  • Friends of relatives

About Geeta Kumana

Geeta Kumana is the Founder of Prime Health Support. The organisation makes sure to take the senior citizens for regular doctor visits whenever they are called, buy their medication and make sure to train the care takers to give the necessary medication. After the doctor's appointment, she makes sure to send all the notes that have been taken down to the children through either WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Email, whatever suits the client.

Prime Health Support will only do as the concerned relatives ask the co-ordinator to do. Under no circumstances, do we make decisions on the action taken for the senior citizen. Eg., If a client insists that they do not want the senior citizen to go to hospital, we abide by and respect that decision. If a relative of the patient wants the patient to go to a specially recommended doctor, Prime Health Support will do the needful. Prime Health Support does not give any advice unless asked by the relative including names of doctors

Please note: We are not professional doctors and will not prescribe any medication to the senior citizen. We will only give whatever medication has been prescribed by the doctor as we are into aged care service in Mumbai. Last but not the least, be rest assured that you are in good hands with Prime Health Support. We, are your home away from home.


How quickly can you get across in case of emergency?
We are always on standby day or night. However, we are also bound by traffic in the city at any particular time of the day. How quickly we get from point A to point B is completely dependant on the location, time and trafffic. But we assure you that action on whatever can be done remotely at our end starts immediately.
Are your services confidential?
Yes, our services are 100% confidential. We will not reveal our clients to anyone - nor will we divulge any information to anyone except our single point of contact in each case. For the same reasons we do not name who our clients are on this website as well.
Is there a contract which we need to sign?
Yes, there is a formal contract that needs to be signed to finalise my services.

Do you have references for ambulances? car rentals?
Yes, we have a pool of regular tried and tested car rentals and ambulance providers we work with at all times.
What can you do for my parents in a social visit?
Anything that they like and are physically comfortable with. Movies, breakfast, lunch or dinner. This can be at a place of their choice or at a relatives place. Needless to say, we arrange transportation and take care of them. In case of out of town trips, we would take a call on a case by case basis.


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    Worli, Mumbai-400018. India.
  • +91 9819930019